Tuesday, February 9, 2010

'Avatar' Ends Mysterious Box-Office Slump

NOTE: The following "news report" is fake:

Feb 9 2010 7:35 PM EST

'Avatar' Ends Mysterious Box-Office Slump

Experts baffled as to reasons for downturn.

By Mitchell D Johannsen

At the end of 2009, as a blizzard locked down much of the Northeast in an icy mess, "Avatar" got off to an impressive but not record-shattering start, collecting $77 million in its first three days in theaters after its December 18 release.  In the seven weeks following, however, it reigned supreme as the world's top movie.  "Avatar" was king!

But the magic suddenly ended on or around the evening of January 30 when "Avatar" fell nearly 25 percent for a weekend total of $24 million. Finally, the country's champion had been dethroned, seemingly for no reason, after an impressive seven-week reign at the box office.

Box office reports however, gathered earlier this evening show that "Avatar" has bounced back, and is again, now more than ever, the country's most popular film. Experts who have been studying the mysterious sudden decline during the last ten days are completely baffled as to the cause or causes.

"Whatever the reason," said industry analyst Eleanor Harcourt, "it's evidently a very powerful, mysterious force that we just don't understand at present."